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Resqunit has become a member of GGGI – an important strategic choice

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GGGI’s mission is to inform the world about the problem of lost fishing gear and support clean-up operations across the globe.

Resqunit is now a member of the organisation. This membership gives us clout as well as unique access to member states’ fishery authorities, as part of our regulatory initiative.

Exposure through an active organisation that is in close dialogue with both the industry and authorities on a global scale is a strategic advantage for our company.

Ghost fishing affects export and livelihood

Canada exports 1 billion dollars worth of lobster annually, making it the most valuable fishery in the country. Lost and abandoned fishing gear continues to trap lobster, damaging both stocks and other forms of marine life. Naturally, this affects the livelihood of the fishermen.

Providing information about this issue is one Global Ghost Gear Initiative’s main objectives.

  • As much as 30% of the reduction in some fish stocks is related to ghost fishing and lost fishing gear.
  • Lost fishing gear is four times more likely to trap and kill marine fauna than all other types of marine littering combined.

Halifax operations

Resqunit has a branch in Halifax, the epicentre for marine technology and lobster fishing in Canada, located midway between the US west coast and Europe. We have a close dialogue with businesses and fisheries in the region.

GGGI membership gives clout as well as unique access to member states’ fishery authorities as part of our regulatory initiative.

We are proud to be a part of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative.


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