Trap Recovery System

Fishing gear is expensive. Spare the need to replace lost gear by having a reserve buoy on your trap that deploys when it is lost.
Our product is a reserve buoy that is mounted on crab and lobster pots. If a pot is lost, the buoy, which is attached to the trap, will after some time unspool itself and float to the surface. 

The gear can be hauled from the ocean.


Electronic Time Release
Reserve Buoy with Electronic Time Release (ETR) mechanism
The backup buoy will release after X number of days uninterrupted soak time. High predictability release increases chance for locating the buoy and recover the trap. The timer is easily set using our mobile app.

Disarming lost fishing gear today requires tedious maintenance and replacement procedures regularly. The most common solutions are biodegradable and corrosive mechanisms. 

Resqunit ETR is a maintenance free and is designed to be self-operated, meaning that after being installed, no user interactions are needed.

Release time:
Customizable (hours, days)
Rope length options:
50m (default)
Rope strength:
100 kg (*)
Resets when trap is pulled
5 years (Non-rechargeable)
*) The RESQUNIT's rope may be used as guideline for grapple for hauling heavy gear.
Electronic lock
This is the lock-mechanism that will release the buoy after given time. Time-setting is customizable.
Predictability is crucial for locating and retrieving lost gear. An ETR-based configuration will release the buoy and open the trap in a preset number of days, as opposed to from 1 week up to 4 years with today's regulated unreliable solutions
The economic harm caused to fishers also includes the loss of the gear itself. In one crab fishery in British Columbia, annual replacement of lost gear costs the fishery over US$ 490,000.
6.4 million tonnes of marine debris is added to the world’s oceans every year, of which around 10 percent is lost of abandoned fishing gear.
An estimated 160,000 blue crab traps were lost every year in the Chesapeake Bay in the Atlantic Coastal Plain of the eastern US between 2004 and 2008


Electronic Time Release
Electronic Time Release (ETR)
The Electronic Time Release is designed as a multipurpose release mechanism, having a wide range of applications in different industries.

The ETR operates as a padlock that automatically opens after a specified time.

RESQUNIT ETR is "self-aware", sets/resets without any user interactions. and has a lifespan of five years.
Release time:
Customizable (hours, days)
Depths supported:
350 meters
5 years (Non-rechargeable)
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