RESQUNIT Trap Recovery System

RESQUNIT is the world's only gear loss prevention tool with programmable electronic release mechanism.
Electronic lock
This is the lock-mechanism that will release the buoy after given time. Time-setting is customizable.
Predictability is crucial for locating and retrieving lost gear. Our electronic system will release the buoy within a preset number of days that you set using our app.
Product Summary
RESQUNIT is a functional and affordable backup buoy system with a programmable electronic release mechanism to locate and retrieve lost fishing gear.

The system is easy to install and is self-operating. No user interaction required after initial setup.
Buoy Trigger Type
Electronic Timer
Release Mechanism
Mechanical lock
Estimated lifespan
5 Years
Working depth (buoy)
50 meters / 165 feet (max)
Timer activation depth
6m / 20 feet (pressure switch)
Line strength
100 kg / 220 lbs
0,7 kg / 1,5 lbs
27 x 26 x 6 cm / 10.5 x 10.5 x 2.5"
Compatible with
Pots/traps - commercial
Pots/traps - recreational
Scientific research equipment
Electronic release timer is certified for working depth to 900 meters / 3000 feet. System can be re-armed 250 times without replacement parts, battery recharge or replacement.

Avoid Costly Replacements
The product tackles the critical issue of lost fishing gear in the industry, which leads to heightened replacement costs, ghost fishing, and marine pollution. 

RESQUNIT offers an affordable, user-friendly, and efficient solution that is maintenance free and designed to be self-operated. After installation no user interactions are required.
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