Trap Recovery System

Fishing gear is expensive. Spare the need to replace lost gear by having a reserve buoy on your trap that deploys if it is lost.


Electronic Time Release
Trap Recovery System
The unit will release the buoy after a specified amount of hours or days in the sea. Its line can be used as a guide making it possible to haul heavier gear using a carabiner, a thicker line and a grapple.

High predictability provided by an electronic release mechanism increases the chance for locating the buoy and recover the trap.

The timer is easily set using our mobile app.

Resqunit provides a way of mitigating the loss of fishing gear, thereby avoiding economic loss as well as reducing ghost fishing which negatively affects biomass and future income.

Resqunit is maintenance free and is designed to be self-operated. After installation no user interactions are required.

Release time:
Customizable (hours, days, weeks)
Line length options:
50m (default)
Line strength:
100 kg (*)
Timer resets when trap is pulled
*) The RESQUNIT line may be used as a guide for a grapple for hauling heavy gear.
Electronic lock
This is the lock-mechanism that will release the buoy after given time. Time-setting is customizable.
Predictability is crucial for locating and retrieving lost gear. Our electronic system will release the buoy within a preset number of days that you set using our app.