Conserving marine
Our goal is to dramatically reduce the impact of ghost fishing and plastic pollution and protect life below water.
We have to
Fish responsibly!
Resqunit secures your fishing gear and reduce economic losses for both hobby and professional fishermen.
Awareness and knowledge
We will collect unique ocean data for fishermen, marine industries, research institutions and governments.

« Resqunit will set out to not only protect our bottom-line by saving gear and stock, it will also serve to protect the very source that provides for us – a responsibility we take seriously. »

Sig Hansen, Nortwestern

Fishing industry

Fishing gear is expensive. Resqunit reduce economic loss for fishermen, while reducing lost gear in the oceans that threaten fish, crab and lobster stocks along coastlines across the globe.
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The unintended consequences
Fishing gear that is lost or dumped in the ocean may account for almost one half of all the plastic waste that ends up there. We work to ensure more sustainable fishing.
Taking action for sustainable development
We support United Nations sustainable development goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. We focus especially on goal number 2 ad 14.
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