Ocean Data Sensor

RESQUNIT develops the world’s first multipurpose ocean welfare sensor. 
Using fishing gear as vessel for our sensor will help us learn more about the oceans.
Using ocean data from millions of traps all over the world, we’ll be using artificial intelligence to predict optimal fishing conditions. We will name this The Resqunit Catch Forecast System

Data and the future of fishing

The company's operations are built around the product RESQUNIT, a spare buoy for fishing equipment
In addition to making it possible to retrieve lost equipment from the sea, RESQUNIT can also carry our ocean data sensor.

Through sensor data collection and software, the company aims to increase knowledge of the oceans and increase catch predictability, which generates both economic and sustainability benefits.

Our Data Vision

We aim to distribute over 1 million ocean sensors within the next 5 years through the world wide distribution of our products.

Catch per Unit Effort

The company's marine data service will help fishermen increase their catch per unit effort by between 3 and 15 percent.
In the fishing industry, the measure "catch per unit effort" is used to calculate the resources required to catch a certain amount of animals. Our goal with ocean data is to help fishermen increase their "catch per unit effort" by between 3 and 15 percent, using software that utilize data like temperature, oxygen and salinity.

By spending less time at sea, the work environment risk is reduced at the same time as profitability increases and the environmental impact decreases. Since RESQUNIT will sell the ocean data service as a SaaS-based subscription service, it will generate a stable revenue base for the company.

"A new relationship with the ocean is needed - one that creates a healthy ocean and a sustainable ocean economy"
From the report Ocean Solutions that Benefit People, Nature and the Economy

Ocean Sustainability Impact

Our mission is to combat ghost fishing and increase ocean sustainability by retrieving lost fishing gear and collecting and analysing ocean data using our high tech high impact fishing gear.

"We will recover billions of dollars worth of lost fishing gear and we will save countless amounts of crabs, lobsters and fish"

We were first in figuring out how to deploy ocean sensors at a greater and cheaper rate than any other company, using fishing gear as carriers.

"The collection of data will enable fisheries, government
institutions as well as sportsfishermen to fish more sustainably
thus enhancing responsible fishing"

Enormous market potential

With estimated 200 million fishermen and 2 million commercial fishing vessels around the world, the market is huge.

The company's marine data offering is attractive to a broad target group, who have concrete benefits from marine data in their daily operations.
Resqunit is listed on NASDAQ First North Growth Market: "RESQ"

The Timing is Perfect

The UN has declared this decade the "Ocean decade" and the world has an increasing focus on sustainable aquaculture.
Interest in marine data and solutions that can minimize the ghost fishing problem is currently very high.

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