The Human Dimension

last update: November 3, 2023

Today, I want to share something heartfelt.
Over the last few years, I have learned a lot about fisheries all over the world. I’m privileged to operate out of Norway, where despite our own perception sometimes, everybody is well off. When fishing gear is lost here, it does create harm to the ecosystem in many ways, but for the fisher, It’s more just “annoying”.

For artisanal fishers in less privileged countries, gear loss takes a much heavier toll. These small-scale, traditional fishers often lack the financial means to absorb the losses incurred due to gear loss. Their livelihoods are profoundly impacted, making it an issue of immediate survival.

The Human Dimension
These fishers are not just numbers; they are individuals and families who depend on the ocean for their daily sustenance. Gear loss can lead to food insecurity, economic instability, and loss of access to essential resources.

We are trying to create projects that aims to address this pressing issue, ensuring that these coastal communities have the tools and support needed to mitigate gear loss effectively. By doing so, we strive to empower artisanal fishers, protect marine ecosystems, and foster sustainable fishing practices with tools not otherwise available to them.

Reach out if you want to get involved, or just help 📣 spread the message.


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