Greetings from Canada

last update: September 27, 2023

🍁Greetings from Canada!🍁

We recently wrapped up three important events in Canada!

On this brief tour, my team and I showcased our technology, introducing Resqunit to hundreds of fishermen at the heart of Canadian lobster fishing. We forged strategic partnerships, fortified collaborations, and sold 1000 units across these days. Resqunit is steadily gaining traction, one trap at a time, in Canadian fisheries.

For our investors and potential partners, this is a testament to Resqunit’s scalability and its market potential. Our preferred approach involves engaging directly with fishermen, gathering essential insights and knowledge. This collaboration allows us to enhance one of the most longstanding maritime industries using our advanced electronics and technology. 🌍

As we continue to establish our brand internationally, our commitment remains firm: to revolutionize the fishing industry with affordable technology that safeguards equipment, the environment, and the wallets of fishers!

Check out some of these photos from our great Canada events and gatherings!


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