Clarifying Our Strategic Moves and Future Directions

last update: March 26, 2024

Dear Resqunit Family, 

In recent times, our journey through the complexities of the stock market and strategic business maneuvers has evoked a wide array of conversations among our stakeholders. I am writing to you today to provide clarity and insight into our recent decisions, specifically regarding the strategic agreement we’ve entered into. 

Understanding the Costs and Benefits of Public Listing 

Since our initial public offering, we faced several challenges inherent to being a publicly listed company. Listing on the stock market could have provided us with opportunities for growth and visibility, but the financial and operational costs have been substantial. It became increasingly clear that the benefits of being listed were overshadowed by these costs, especially given the limited liquidity of our shares and the material discount at which they traded compared to the listing price. This situation prompted us to critically evaluate the value of remaining on the stock exchange for our company and our shareholders. 

A Strategic Decision 

Our deliberations led us to conclude that operating in a private sphere could pave the way for a more sustainable operational model. We envisioned a structure where we could continue to innovate and grow without the added pressures and costs of being a public company. This vision was shared and supported by our board of directors, who have been instrumental in navigating these strategic waters. 

A Transformative Deal for Resqunit 

Our recent agreement with Bio Vitos Norge AS represents a significant milestone in our strategic pivot. This deal not only allows our shareholders the continued benefits on the stock exchange but also positions us for continued innovation and growth in the private sphere. The agreement involves the acquisition of intellectual property rights and a capital injection, allowing a continuation of the shareholder advantages of a listed entity built on the aqcuired new business, and capital for commercializing our existing business and maximizing value realization. 

Financially, the transaction is structured to benefit Resqunit and its shareholders materially. We initially invested 3 million kroner to list our company, and through this deal, we will recoup 2 million kroner. More importantly, the costs associated with being listed will now be borne by the new business in the holding company, allowing the existing business in the subsidiary to save substantial costs and allocate resources more effectively towards our core mission. 

What This Means for Our Shareholders 

I understand that changes of this magnitude can lead to questions and concerns. Let me assure you that the interests of our shareholders have been at the forefront of our decision-making process. Through this transition, shareholders will retain their current number of shares in the continued listed company (the new business) and will also maintain the same number of shares and the same percentage ownership in the subsidiary operational company, eventuelly in a private sphere. This ensures that the value and influence you have as a shareholder are not only preserved, but increased as we embark on this new chapter. 

Looking Forward 

The decision to enter into this strategic agreement is not the end but a new beginning. For the company you know as Resqunit, It marks the start of a journey where we can focus more intently on our innovation, market penetration, and creating value for our stakeholders without the undue burdens of public market compliance and scrutiny. 

In the newly forged relationship between Resqunit and Biovitos Norge AS, we are embarking on ventures that promise rapid value generation. Our focus is on two key assets acquired in the transaction: the Omega 3 North Norway brand and the platform. 

RESQUNIT will commercialize Omega 3 North Norway, initially using the Amazon platforms, as a quick way to markets and revenues. The brand already has the highest ratings at Amazon, i.e. Fulfilment/Prime. This product proudly showcases its Norwegian heritage, being sourced and produced exclusively in North Norway, ensuring its authenticity and quality. 

Furthermore, the brand is a digital doctor/healthcare service. specializes in the Obesitas/overweight sector, mainly medical prescriptions of Ozempic and other weightloss products/brands.  

The service of the brand will be launched during the fall and early summer of 2024, in the five major European languages, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, as well as Swedish and Norwegian. 

In the existing business, our commitment to solving pressing environmental issues through our technology remains unwavering. We are excited about the potential this new structure holds for us to make even more significant impacts in preventing the loss of marine equipment and contributing to the sustainability of our oceans. 

I hope this message provides clarity and reassurance about our strategic direction and the rationale behind our recent decisions. We are at a pivotal point in our journey, and I am confident that with your continued support and trust, the future is bright for Resqunit. 

Warm regards, 

Helge Trettø Olsen 

CEO, Resqunit 


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