Resqunit AB – 2021 Fourth Quarter Report

last update: February 25, 2022

Today we have released our report for Q4 2021. In short- project developments over the past months have further strengthened our belief in the tremendous growth potential. 2021 has largely been focused around R&D activities and prototype field testing with several partners around the world.

During the fourth quarter, our main product line-up has been established and are being prepared for mass-production. We’re confident that this will result in strong growth in the time to come.

The company has started to build a very important distribution network, and expanding our collaborations and activities with fishery authorities and ideal organizations. This work goes hand in hand with our other digital marketing and awareness strategies which is a continuosly effort for entering new markets and establishing our brand in strategic important regions.

We are positioned as first movers in a market that’s overdue on taking action against oceanic plastic pollution and ghost fishing.

You can find the full report on our Investor-pages:


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