Mangold presents analysis of Resqunit AB

last update: March 1, 2022

Mangold presented its analysis of Resqunit on Monday morning, with the recommendation Buy.

Mangold’s analysis service Mangold Insight makes ongoing analysis reports in order to contribute to new investor perspectives and open the eyes of the stock market for small and medium-sized companies.

Mangold starts the report for ocean tech company Resqunit with the recommendation Buy, and the target price of SEK 9.80 per share in 12 months term.

The analysis report for Resqunit has as the following first paragraph in the chapter Investment case: “Mangold believes that Resqunit can increase its sales significantly in the coming years based on the established distribution agreements, its first mover advantage, their unique products and the strong underlying market demand in maritime big data“.

Mangold also emphasizes that the company in addition to its “first mover position” has a great market advantage with its unique collaboration with Sig Hansen who has made himself known as fishermen through the TV series “Deadliest Catch”, aired on the Discovery Channel last 17 years in 180 countries.

The report also focuses on the fact that the market for maritime big data is growing at a high rate. Resqunit av have sensors under development (Aquarius X) to collect marine data; for example oxygen level, temperature, salinity and more. The ocean data can be used in several different sectors and is expected to contribute to increased sales and improved margins in the future.

I am glad that Mangold-analysis of Resqunit gives a good overview of our work in regards to the modernizing fishing industry and its enormous market size, and that we are serious about the ocean data collection globally”, says Helge Trettø Olsen, CEO of Resqunit Ab

Read or download the full report here:


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