Our partners

Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund (Handelens Miljøfond)

Is Norway’s largest private environmental fund and supports projects that reduce plastic pollution, increase plastic recycling and reduce the consumption of plastic bags. With great support from the fund, Resqunit has been able to establish a well known national brand and also provided norwegian cleanerfish-fishers with our product for easier retrieval of gear if/when lost at sea. We are very thankful for the great support from Handelens Miljøfond

Resqunit receives startup loan and economic support from Innovation Norway

We are grateful for the support from Innovation Norway. Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. Innovation Norway supports companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation. The funding has allowed us to increase our focus on product development and to strengthen our network of partners. The team at Resqunit are thankful for the support from Innovation Norway.

CORBO Engineering

CORBO is a professional services firm based in Caraquet, New Brunswick that specializes in several fields of engineering and architecture. We are glad to have them on our team providing insights and expertise to our product development

Ålgård Technology Park

Ålgård Technology Park is a new technology partner of Resqunit, and is located in Rogaland, Norway. The technology park has all the necessary support with highly qualified personnel in subject areas such as machining, qualification work, engineering, electrical, electronics, design and software.

NCE Seafood Innovation

NCE Seafood Innovation is a «Norwegian Center of Expertise» within the seafood industry and part of Innovation Norway’s cluster program. The business cluster consists of over 90 partners and members, who represent a breadth of small and medium-sized companies in the seafood industry, as well as R&D, venture capital and other companies with an interest in the industry. The entire value chain in the industry is represented. Resqunit is a proud member of the cluster.

Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI)

Resqunit has partnered with The Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI), a cross stakeholder alliance of fishing industry, private sector, corporates, NGOs, academia and governments focused on solving the problem of lost and abandoned fishing gear worldwide.

Ocean Aid 360

Resqunit has partnered with Ocean Aid 360, a nonprofit dedicated to saving marine life through the use of community-level interventions and evidence-based assessments. For example, Ocean Aid works to preserve schooling redfish, salt marshes and bay scallops, in addition to ensuring a sustainable relationship between coastal residents and marine resources.

The Fishing Gear Coalition Of Atlantic Canada (FGCAC)

The Fishing Gear Coalition of Atlantic Canada (FGCAC) has been working collaboratively on preventing and recovering end-of-life abandoned, lost, and discarded fishing and aquaculture gear and developing sustainable retrieval and recycling solutions. Resqunit are proud to be onboard with FGCAC

Victoria Fisheries Co-Operative

Victoria Fisheries Co-Operative is a fisher-owned company located in Neil’s Harbour, Cape Breton. The Cooperative represents over 100 harvesters on a direct and continuing basis, and markets their catch in a whole range of species throughout Canada & Internationally. General Manager Osborne Burke provides our company with valuable information about the industry.

The Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE)

A collaborative facility for applied innovation in the ocean sector. Resqunit Canada Inc is proud to be a part of the COVE community. Located in what was once the Canadian Coast Guard facility on Halifax Harbour, this hub is home to local and global ocean technology businesses, post-secondary institutions, researchers, and marine-based and service businesses that support the ocean sector. The COVE site features extensive marine facilities with two large, deep-water piers, office space, an incubator and space for shops and labs.

Coldwater Lobster Association (CWLA)

Through services to its members, works to ensure a safe, sustainable, and prosperous lobster fishery in Lobster Fishing Area 34 (LFA 34) for current and future generations.

The Saba Fisherman’s Association

The organization was established in 2019 to support the local Fisherman on the island of Saba and to give them a voice for positive choices towards the commercial fishing industry on the Saba Bank. The Fisherman’s Association run our Resqunit pilot project on Saba.

ACOA Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency works to create opportunities for economic growth in the region by helping businesses become more competitive, innovative and productive, by working with diverse communities to develop and diversify local economies, and by championing the strengths of Atlantic Canada.


Innovacorp invests in early stage Nova Scotia entrepreneurs, combining venture capital with business mentoring and incubation facilities.orp

PEIFA (Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association)

The Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association (PEIFA) was originally formed in the early 1950’s to enable Island fishers to discuss the effects of a proposed trap limit.

MFU maritime Fishermen’s Union

The Maritime Fishermen’s Union (MPU) is an organization that represents more than 1,250 independent inshore fishermen in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

GCFI (Gulf Carribean Fisheries Institute)

The Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI) was founded in 1947 to promote the exchange of current information on the use and management of marine resources in the Gulf and Caribbean region.

NSBI. Nova Scotia Business Inc

Nova Scotia Business Inc. is the private-sector led business development agency of Nova Scotia, Canada

GHP Greater Halifax Partnership

GHP makes the connections that fuel business and economic growth. Through partnerships and acclaimed programs, like SmartBusiness and Connector, the Partnership creates opportunities for people to connect and collaborate on big and small ideas that make Halifax city grow and prosper. Resqunit Canada is proud to be located in Halifax / Darthmouth, Nova Scotia.

NRC National Research Council

NRC is the primary national research and technology organization (RTO) of the Government of Canada, in science and technology research and development.