Resqunit App for Android

Timer configuration software
With this App, you can effortlessly read and configure the desired timer settings for our timer utilized in the RESQUNIT trap recovery system.
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The Trap Recovery System operates as follows: When your equipment is outfitted with a RESQUNIT and becomes lost in the ocean, our subsea timer (ETR) triggers the release of our yellow reserve buoy after a predetermined duration. Utilize our app to customize the timer settings for your RESQUNITs according to your preference. This configuration process only needs to be performed once.

Note: If you use an Apple device, please visit Apple App Store and search for "RESQUNIT" to find our App for iOS devices.
About the mobile App

The RESQUNIT ETR app is essential for activating and configuring the Electronic Timer Release (ETR) used with the RESQUNIT Trap Recovery System and spare buoy. This app enables you to effortlessly read and adjust your preferred timer settings.

Configuration is streamlined through the mobile app by selecting values and uploading them to the ETR by simply touching your mobile phone to the device. Data transfer is facilitated through near field communication (NFC).

For instance, if you typically retrieve crab pots or lobster traps every two days, you may want to set the ETR release time to five days to account for potential weather disruptions to your schedule.

The device is designed with self-awareness and will only release the yellow reserve buoy if submerged for five days. During normal operations, the counter resets upon reaching the surface.

Please note that after 50 releases (battery life), the buoy will no longer reattach. In this case, contact customer support for assistance.