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RESQUNIT is an affordable flotation device that activates to retrieve lost fishing gear or maritime equipment in general, saving fishermens valuable equipment, preventing ocean pollution and ensuring regulatory compliance

The RESQUNIT flotation device is deployed through a timer mechanism. After a set period of being submerged, indicating potential gear loss, the device releases the yellow flotation buoy. This buoy rises to the surface, marking the location of the lost gear for easy retrieval by the fishermen.

Every fisherman should consider using RESQUNIT because it offers an affordable, proactive solution to prevent gear loss, reducing the economic and environmental impact of ghost fishing. By ensuring the quick retrieval of misplaced gear, fishermen can safeguard their investments and uphold sustainable fishing practices, aligning with both industry regulations and environmental stewardship.

RESQUNIT has garnered widespread adoption across various sectors, from individual fishermen to scientists, marine institutes, and environmental organizations. It’s also embraced by ocean clean-up initiatives, governmental entities, and regulatory bodies, underscoring its versatility and significance in marine conservation efforts.

  • Commercial fishermen, targeting species like lobster, crab, and fish using traps and nets.
  • Research organizations conducting marine studies with submerged equipment.
  • Offshore oil and gas operators deploying underwater tools and sensors.
  • Marine biologists using underwater cameras and trackers for species monitoring.
  • Divers and underwater archaeologists working on sunken sites.
  • Aquaculture farms monitoring cages, feeders, and sensors.
  • Recreational fishermen who use cages and traps for hobby fishing.
  • Environmental conservation groups aiming to reduce marine pollution.
  • Salvage companies working on retrieving sunken assets.
  • Defense agencies deploying underwater surveillance and equipment.

The RESQUNIT is designed with a line robust enough to haul equipment weighing up to 80-100 kilos directly. For retrieving even heavier gear from the ocean, RESQUNIT can serve as a guiding mechanism: simply attach a carabiner, coupled with a thicker line and a grapple, to enhance the hauling capacity and ensure a successful retrieval of the submerged equipment.

The current version of RESQUNIT is designed for shallow water fisheries, effective up to 50 meters due to line length constraints and the specific flotation material used. While the unit’s electronic timer release mechanism can function at depths of up to 500 meters, this allows it to release other types of buoys or equipment in deeper waters.

Research indicates that annually, 500,000 to 1,000,000 tons of fishing gear are lost in the oceans. On average, about 10% of all fishing gear ends up abandoned in the seas, with variations across nations. Yet, strikingly, most of this gear lacks a retrieval mechanism akin to RESQUNIT.


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