Fish Responsibly

Lets save the ocean floors and marine life by reducing the number of ghost traps and fishing gear that threaten fish, crab and lobster stocks along global coastlines

A global environmental problem

A rough estimate is that there are around 100,000 lobster and crab roe in Norway. Of these, about 10 percent are lost each year. Other areas, such as in some places in the Gulf of Mexico, are twice as large due to hurricane season.

Sustainable Fishing

Studies shows that removal of derelict fishing gear could generate millions of dollars in extra harvest value for commercial fisheries worldwide.

Derelict fishing gear is threatening fish, crab and lobster stocks In The Oceans

The ghost traps catches lobsters, crabs and fish that becomes bait for new animals. This is a environmental problem, and the scale is greater than anyone has dared to believe. Even in small coastal regions, thousands of traps are lost every year. Plastic pollution After years in saltwater, the traps also dissolves into micro plastic, […]

Saving The Environment. Fish Responsibly!

Each year, 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear are lost in the sea. This gear will be catching animals for years. Due to the increased use of plastic / nylon in fishing gear, these losses account for 10% of all marine plastic, and 70% of all macroplastics (> 20 cm) supplied to the sea per year.
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