Fishing Industry Innovation

Prevent gearloss, ghost fishing and plastic pollution

Resqunit V1

Low cost – low tech recovery unit
Suitable for recreational fishing

Resqunit V2

High tech – high functionality
For commercial fishing and high predictability
Supports electronic addon
Support hauling heavy gear

Electronics and Big Data

Big data collection – global network of sensors
Climate research
Sustainable fishing

You lose a lot of gear and gear is expensive

Secure Your Gear
Save Money
Reduce Marine Litter
Reduce Ghost Fishing
Preserve Animal Stock
Resqunit is a floatation device that is mounted to fishing gear like lobster traps and crab pots of different sizes. If a trap goes astray and remains under water for a longer period of time, Resqunit is released and floats to the surface. A strong rope is attached to Resqunit and the fishing gear. Using this rope, the gear can be hauled.

Resqunit reduces economic losses for fishermen worldwide. By this, we are reducing the number of ghost traps currently threatening fish, crab and lobster stocks along coastlines across the globe.
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