Secure your gear with ResqUnit

Fishing gear is expensive. We offer a great solution at a fair price, securing our customers a return on their investment.
The ocean is some places like a giant invisible landfill. Using ResqUnit you will reduce pollution at sea.

Environmentalism Through Innovation

We want to reduce economic losses for both hobby and professional fishermen worldwide, while reducing the number of ghost traps and derelict fishing gear (DFG) currently threatening fish, crab and lobster stocks along coastlines across the globe.

Endless loop of death
The ghost traps catches lobsters, crabs and fish in an endless loop of suffering and death, where they are caught and becomes bait for new animals, also caught and dying. This is a terrible human-created environmental problem, and the scale is greater than anyone has dared to believe. Even in small coastal regions, thousands of traps are lost every year.

Reduce plastic pollution
After years in saltwater, the traps also dissolves into micro plastic, which is another horrible type of environmental pollution.

Let’s save both money and the environment.

Tens of thousands of crab pots and lobster traps are lost, every year, in Norway alone.

All or the world scuba diving clubs have voluntary found and removed thousands of ghost traps and lost yarn over the last years. Scuba diving clubs in Norway connected to the Norwegian Diving Federation have over the last two years removed 3500 ghost traps, and received funds from Savings Bank Foundation DNB to report with pictures and data to research at “Havforskningsinstituttet” ( Marine Research Institute ).
This is a serious problem which unfortunately is not easy to see as it is mostly out of sight under the water surface. Thousands of traps disappear and create a vicious circle where they catch and kill fish and shellfish for several years. We want to get rid of this problem.