Resqunit AB – Australia – West Coast Lobster License Sales partnership

last update: February 10, 2022

RESQUNIT AB announced today its distribution agreement with West Coast Lobster License Sales Inc. (WCLLS) in Marmion, Perth WA.

The agreement gives RESQUNIT not only access to the entire Australian fishing industry but also to key gear manufacturers through WCLLS’ reach and connections.

Australia has a rich recreational fishery, where more than five million Australians take part in recreational fishing as a leisure activity. In addition, you have different commercial fisheries, like Swimming Blue Crab and an annual $500 million Lobster fishery (The West Coast Rock Lobster managed fishery).

RESQUNIT entering Australia by signing a distribution agreement with West Coast Lobster License Sales

Our new distributor, West Coast Lobster License Sales, is located in the epicenter of Australian commercial fisheries. The CEO, Brad Arnup, is a passionate representative of the Western Rock Lobster Industry and has actively had a lead role in the industry for more than 40 years. Brad’s experience varies as both an owner and an operator, fishing from 1981, was involved in the initial MSC Certification of the WA Lobster Fishery and has been the owner of Oceaneer Marine Broker since 2007 to 2020.

He now continues to trade in the sale and lease of Western Rock Lobster Units through his company West Coast Lobster License Sales. Arnup now serves on the Board of the Western Rock Lobster Council (peak industry body for WA lobster) and Fishing Families WA Association Incorporated and was previously a representative of the Western Rock Lobster Industry in Parliamentary Inquiry into management and sustainability of the Western Rock Lobster Industry and President of the Central West Coast Professional Fishermen’s Association.

His partner and business developer, Chauncey Hammond has been a consultant to the commercial fishing industry for over 20 years and has advised entities involved in the following fisheries: finfish, lobster (WA, QLD and Tasmania), stout whiting, prawns, sea cucumber, abalone, tuna and scallops. He is currently the Chair of Seafood Industry Association (the national commercial fishing peak body) and a Director of Fishing Families WA Association Incorporated.

Helge Trettø Olsen, CEO of RESQUNIT says: “Through their activities and ties into the fishing industry, both from the commercial and regulatory side, I don’t think we could have had better representation in Australia. A beneficial strategy for market adaption is a close relationship with fishing authorities. We are proposing different regulatory incentives to help move the fishing industry towards more sustainability and preservation. Our new distributor has the right connections and resources to getting this established. We will now do market survey activities and demonstrations with West Coast Lobster License Sales, which will create the basis for our roll-out and calculations on estimated annual outtakes.”

Australian waters are strictly managed and monitored, and the government is advanced in preservation focus. A solid roll-out of reserve buoys will create a tremendous basis for contributing with sensor monitoring of the conditions and trends in the health of the marine environment in many years to come.


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