Lobster and Crab Pot Recovery System

ALISHA is offering a box of 10 units of the RESQUNIT FISHING TRAP (POT/CREEL) RECOVERY UNIT which normally retails at $95.00 US per unit for just $45.00 US per unit, delivered FREE to your door.

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RESQUNIT is a functional and affordable recovery system for lobster, crab and langoustine pots/creels.

The system consists of patented programable electronic release mechanism to locate and retrieve lost fishing gear no matter what size of fishing vessel you operate.

RESQUNIT has developed the unit to reduce the financial burden on fishermen by preventing gear loss, protect the marine ecosystem and preserve the biomass for the future of generations by reducing ghost fishing from lost fishing gear.

“The problem RESQUNIT addresses is basically lost fishing gear,” says Helge Tretto Olsen, CEO of RESQUNIT. 

“The principle is straight forward. What often happens to fishing equipment, especially static fishing gear, is that the primary buoy gets cut off by the propeller of another boat or sometime even the boat owners’ own propeller.

You have a lost trap that often consists of plastic and that is a pollution in itself. What also remains is a ghost fishing problem, these lost traps fish in perpetuity and catch sea life which becomes bait for other sea life, and this can go on for decades. 

But you also have financial loss and gear loss means an expense to replace the trap and the loss of fishing time.

We designed RESQUNIT to eliminate this problem and expense.”


RESQUNIT operates using a unique release mechanism.

You can attach the RESQUNIT unit to you pot/creel. On the RESQUNIT app you set the time for how long you want the unit to wait before it triggers and releases the emergency buoy.

For example, you are a lobster fisherman a check your pots every second day. You come to check one of your pots around 48 hours after it was last checked and the buoys are gone. Has it been stolen, has the buoys accidentally been cut off etc?

With RESQUNIT you can set the release mechanism to activate 60 hours or 72 hours after the pot has been out of the water. Come back to the same spot the following day and you should be able to find the RESQUNIT buoy with the line attached to you pot. By using the recovery device, you have just retrieved your valuable asset, (your pot/creel/trap).

The great thing about RESQUNIT is that you only need to set the timer once, and it resets itself every time is retrieved from the sea.
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